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Berman Hosting is a global provider of SEO-friendly VPS hosting. Hundreds of customers look up to Berman Hosting team to deliver the best support and service for their IT needs, and run their websites with the best performance—whether it is on dedicated servers, private cloud, public cloud or a combination of platforms.

vpshosting services

Berman Hosting’s VPS hosting services are the ideal solution for customers who require a certain amount of control over a dedicated server, and want it to match the simplicity and affordability of a traditional shared hosting. We offer our managed VPS plans along with our industry leading round the clock support. Our Managed VPS customers can choose from Linux or Windows operating systems and experience utmost peace of mind provided by us. These VPS features are available in different setups and they all come backed by our SLA. It is one of the most comprehensive web hosting.

Berman Hosting offers various packages Windows and Linux VPS hosting that currently serves the application hosting and traffic needs of the SEO and SEM community. If you choose to go for the VPS Pro services and higher ones, you will hardly face any downtime issues. This is because these products offer higher processing speeds and higher bandwidth. But, the services are not limited to those in need of higher processing speeds and bandwidth. Berman Hosting offers many other low cost Windows and Linux VPS hosting packages that are comparatively affordable, but perform equally well if you have reasonably low needs. Just select the plan that is right for you, and that will not overload the server and bring other VM nodes down.

Yet, in any case, if you face server downtime caused by various reasons, the customer support team will be right on it. With the recent change in management of Berman Hosting, there have been some good changes in the way the company works. A common problem that customers usually face with other VPS hosting providers is bad or ineffective customer service and support. But, the new management of Berman Hosting has made sure that their customers never encounter this problem. The steps taken for the same is hiring of proficient systems admins who are highly experienced. The team has expanded from a few members to a big brigade of support personnel to make sure there is more round the clock support even on the weekends. As it’s not like the server issues will come your way only on weekdays and take a leave on weekends.

For customers who open a support ticket with us to request any issues fixed, we are proactively give them a few free days or month of service or even refund any monthly charges to compensate for any hosting downtime. Our new management has also devised some future plans to develop a new data center infrastructure in order to keep server uptime levels high and work on improving on server connection speeds.

Thus, with Berman Hosting, you are assured to get better speed and connectivity at low prices, along with 24/7 customer support.